un rays, air and light can penetrate through the windows in our house. They connect people with the outside world, give the feeling of comfort and cosiness. A window in the wall just a gap, but an experienced designer may consist of a random window, a "dream" shape.
     We have been years with the design of various textiles. Our task is not only simple sewing and sale of curtains, but the individual design of interior spaces and the various decorations. We offer not just curtains, but bed linen, pillows, tablecloths and more. Buoyed by the idea of Colour, Harmony and Style, we create in your house unique atmosphere of warmth and cosiness. Our motto: the interests of the client are paramount. You sew the curtains not only for one year. Therefore, the fabric, the curtain rods and accessories are carefully selected. And once the right choice is, we feel well and have a very positive influence on our wellbeing. Therefore, be careful every time we, on the development of models of the curtains or blankets, the selection of the main substance of the feed, to the choice of curtain rods and accessories. With the result of our joint work, the curtains, the blankets and pillows, in the long years of your interior decoration, and not standard "masterpieces" are. We are ready to offer you any models of the curtains, decorative pillows, the blankets, bed covers and tablecloths offer and would be very pleased to invite you to our customers can count on.

Best regards, your "GalaxiS" Team.